It’s Not Impossible, It’s Just Overwhelming

06 Mar
  1. very great in amount.
    “he was elected president by an overwhelming majority”
    synonyms: very large, enormous, immense, inordinate, massive, huge More

    • (especially of an emotion) very strong.
      “an overwhelming feeling of gratitude”


I was having a discussion with my daughter the other night. She is a full time worker and has 3 children of various ages to raise. She was sharing with me her desire to have everything in both lives run smoother but it feels impossible. I hear this a lot. Especially when your work space or home is unorganized and cluttered and messy. Sometimes it gets to the point where it LOOKS insurmountable! And when it looks insurmountable, what can happen is NOTHING gets done! You see that huge pile of clothes, dirty or clean, and you say nevermind and decide to work with it. Does it make your life harder trying to find a matching sock in that pile? YES. Wouldn’t it be easier if all the socks were in a drawer, all matched up? YES. So the first question becomes, how do I get from digging for socks out of a pile of clothes to getting a pair of socks out of a clean drawer?

To be able to answer that question or even EXPLORE the pathway to that solution, you have to tell yourself this: It’s not impossible, it’s just overwhelming. 

That is a truth based statement. I feel once you identify the truth, you can truthfully work from there to better your life.It’s okay for things to be overwhelming. It’s okay to admit that you have poor time management. What’s not okay is to run yourself into the ground and not work to change that! You may even need help to get organized. You may need to start small. I just implore each of you in this situation to acknowledge its overwhelming and DO something about it. You are hurting yourself and others involved and you don’t want to do that!

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