Get Rid of Excuses!

11 Feb

I am going to say something that may be a tad bit harsh. This is something that I realized after years of looking for motivation. It is the truth that many folks don’t want to hear.
If you want to achieve anything, YOU have to be your OWN motivation! Anything else is really just an excuse! 

Don’t get me wrong, for some people it is a great way to be held accountable. For others it is the companionship. And I like to be with other like minded people. But ULTIMATELY it is up to YOU!

I hear things like, “But my husband doesn’t…” “No one in my house wants to eat healthy” “No one will go with me to the…” I am NOT saying that there aren’t OBSTACLES to the path of success. I am not admitted that it can be HARDER when your partner, or household isn’t on the same page. It can be TOUGH when you are alone and you are trying to make change happen.  So you have to really, really, really be honest and know that stuff and then WANT to really go for what you want NO MATTER the situation.

You are a mother of four. You can make them one dinner and make yourself another kind of meal. You can’t find anyone to go with the gym. Still GO! And look at all the people there for inspiration. They are working towards their goals too.
Your husband doesn’t want to work out, still workout! That is HIS stuff.

If there is something that you want and it requires ongoing attention, then you are going to have to work for it. And you may have to go it alone…

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Posted by on February 11, 2016 in Life Coaching


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