A Tip On How To Answer The Interview Question: Why Were You Fired? or Have You Ever Been Fired?

08 Feb


Everything is in the words. How YOU say something can determine the outcome of a situation. Some of us have been fired from jobs. If you work long enough, then you will have had many different job situations. Sometimes it is because the company closed, or moved, or downsized. Those answers are straight forward. But what if it is for “other” reasons.
Be careful in your wording and tone. You want to sound positive about the experience, even if it wasn’t. You want to sound like it stopped being a “good fit” for both you and your employer. You CAN take a poor situation and turn it around to sound like a learning experience. For example: “Yes I was fired. When we talked, I realized they were right that I wasn’t a good fit there anymore. I learned a lot from that job and decided to look for a job that is better suited for me.”

The bottom line is not just the reason you were fired  but that you DON’T sound bitter. You want to sound like you evolved from that situation and you ARE the right person for the job.

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