It’s FRIDAY!!!!! The Last Day of THIS Challenge!

05 Feb

You were good students this week. You followed my instruction step by step.

Today you are either looking at an uncluttered space or a bag/basket/box on the space STARING right at you! What I was trying to accomplish with this challenge was to show you step by step how to clear a space. But I also wanted you to REALLY look at that space and be honest about why it is cluttered or messy. I would hate for you to clear the space only to make it messy again. Maybe the space is right by the door and you have a habit of dropping everything there. For me it used to be the bed. I had a giant king size bed, so I could sleep on one side and all of my books, and clothes and papers would be on the other side. It just became a habit…that I needed to break.

You can take that bag/basket/box off that space if you want. Revel in the fact that ONE space is uncluttered and nice. I invite all of you to continue the work.

Today’s challenge is:

To repeat this weeks challenges on EVERY space that needs it! If you continue, eventually you’ll have everything in its right place.

This is ONE way to unclutter. If your spaces are REALLY big and cluttered, you can use this method but you may want to use other methods that I suggest in this blog that go a little more indepth. But this method is a good one to start.

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