Heading TO The Homestretch!! It’s Thursdays Challenge!

04 Feb

Happy Thursday Folks!! The daily challenge continues. If you are joining us for the first time today, I suggest you go back to this Monday’s post and start there. For those of you already along for the ride, lets get started!

Yesterday I had you clear off the space of things that did NOT belong and put them into a bag or box or basket. Then I had you put the the bag/box/basket back on the space and to keep it there overnight.  What did you think? Did it seem weird? or awkward? Didn’t it look out of place? maybe bulky? If it is a space you use, did it get in the way? 

Today’s challenge is:

Can all of those items in the box/bag/basket go to their RIGHT places? Is there room for them? Are THOSE spots cluttered too?? If there is very little to NO room, then look at those spots the way I had you look at that first spot. If there IS room, then put everything away to its rightful place.

If you are in a position where some of the spots were fine, then put away what you can. AND if there is trash, throw it out!

After all of this, then STOP! How full or empty is the bag/basket/box? If empty, then you are done (for that spot). If there is stuff in the bags, then place them back on the spot. Thank about those spots that are cluttered too.

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Posted by on February 4, 2016 in Organizing


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