It’s Mid Week!!! The Daily Challenge Continues

03 Feb

Its the middle of the week! We are halfway there! I hope you did your work the last two days. If you are just joining us TODAY, welcome!!! Go check out Monday’s post, then Tuesdays and then come back to here. I have them listed Monday through Friday but any FIVE days in a row will work!

SO far I’ve had you: Identify a cluttered space, figure out why it’s cluttered, look for all the things that don’t belong in that space and think about how it got there. Hopefully with those four things, you have a nice picture in your head of what is going on.

Today’s challenge is:

Get a box or basket or bag(s). Take everything that DOESN’T belong in that space and put it in the box/basket/bag. Toss it in there. Doesn’t matter where it goes. We will get to that. Get that space cleared of all things that don’t belong there.

When you are done, take a look at that space. Is the counter top a counter top again? Can u see your bed? Now the couch is ready for guests. Look at how nice the space is. OR it may be dirty or dusty depending on how long its been that way. I invite you to vaccum/wipe/dust off that space.  take a look at it again. See how nice it looks!

Then put the bag/box/basket back on top of the space. Leave it there overnight.

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Posted by on February 3, 2016 in Organizing


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