Lessons Learnt Mondays: Let Go of Yesterday!

18 Jan

Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. More importantly today is a new chance. Don’t worry about why you didn’t start yesterday. Don’t wallow in your position or place of your situation. You can ALWAYS change it. You can ALWAYS start.

If you have a bad day or fail at a project, leave it behind. Take some lessons out of it and move on! You CAN’T change it. Forgive and move forward.

My Aunt Faith always says not to borrow from yesterday! Live for today! You can’t do anything about what happened yesterday to change it. Its been done. And tomorrow hasn’t happened yet so you can do anything about that either. Live for today and handle today and do your best. Work TOWARDS tomorrow without stressing about the outcome..Its NOT always easy but once you start to live in the present, you will feel so much better!!

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Posted by on January 18, 2016 in Life Coaching


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