Seven Years Ago Today I Began My New Life And I’m Grateful

16 Jan


Seven years ago TODAY, I returned to my hometown of Los Angeles after a 22 year absence. I had left LA as a 18 year old boy and returned a 40 year old man! I lived a full life out in the world. I REALLY gained a LOTT of experiences and learned out to navigate through the world as an adult.

At 39 years old , I took a good, hard look at my life. I was not happy in my job. I felt San Francisco stopped serving me emotionally and physically. Though I enjoyed my living situation, I knew it had to change as a result of changing my life. MY stomach hurt and when I made the decision to actually do something about it and make the choice to leave SF and start over in LA, the pain went away.

12027202_938355452923303_3811047186571028628_o GrantsRants2015

This last year of my life has been incredible. I have a great business, The Super Organizer. I enjoyed the second year of this blog. I added and gained a second career as a Producer/Creator/Host of both Radio ( and Television (AfterbuzzMedia). My world has expanded so much!  AND I have such great opportunities coming my direction too!

11246586_10152851073493456_347684358595126654_n deadxchronicles

My garden and my homes are great! And I am doing better health wise. I I made the best decision seven years ago and that is a lesson to everyone. If you are not happy, then change your life. DO IT! DON’T just talk about it, DO IT!! YOU will be so much better for it!


I am feeling gratitude today! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! AND I want to THANK everyone who has come in and through my life. Each single person I have come in contact with has affected my life and made me who I am right now!

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