B is for Before You Begin

08 Jan

Before you begin any project:

  1. Make It A Part Of You– look at the project or task or lifestyle change as something that will become a part of you. That works by language, attitude and thinking. “I am a person who likes an organized house.” That is a start. You want to believe in what you are doing. You don’t want it so seem like a foreign or distant concept. “I am an organized person.” Then you can work to make that true.
  2. Make It Part of Your Routine– just like any bad habit, good habits can be formed by routine. I’d like to add that it doesn’t have to be super specific, it can be a little loose. For example, you decide you are going to do a little straightening up everyday at home. You start out doing it every morning before you go to work. One morning you have to go to work early, you can still straighten up that day, just do it in the evening. The goal is to do it everyday!!
  3. Markers and Milestones are Great– I do it here. I write blogs almost every day. When I see i’m coming up on a particular number, I celebrate it! I did it for my 100th blog post and200th blog post. It can be fun. It can be helpful in the middle of a task or change.
  4. Schedule The Time To Start- Then start!
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