A Phrase That Changed My Life Part 2

04 Jan



Sometimes I hear things spoken by other people from all walks of life that change my way of thinking! Somebody will say a word or a phrase and it will stop me in my tracks and change my life! Sometimes the change happens immediately. Other times it sits in my brain somewhere and will reemerge at a specific moment. Later i will come to realize that moment was the right time.ON this blog I share with you what I learn and how it affects me. Well hear is a phrase that changed my life:

If you aren’t working towards your goals, you are hurting yourself.

For example, if you proclaim that you are an actor, yet don’t take classes, or go on auditions, or read acting books, or network…you get the point. YOU are hurting your chances to be an actor. I DON’T CARE what else is going on in your life! WE can always come up with reason why we aren’t doing anything! There is ROOM to do SOMETHING! Small time periods and small amounts are allowed.

You ask how you are hurting yourself? You are NOT FEEDING your soul or passion. YOU are slowly killing it and yourself. When you do things that don’t make you happy or fulfilled, it affects your mental health which can affect your physical health.When you don’t do things that make you happy, same effect. My stomach hurt for months during my last corporate job. I didn’t know why at first and then when I realized the job was no longer serving me and I quit, my stomach STOPPED hurting! (talk about trusting your gut) You can apply this to any area in your life. This applies to any field of industry.

Now I am working in TWO industries that I love and within them, I am ALWAYS working on my goals! I’m a little tired sometimes,but I am EXTREMELY happy!!

If you aren’t working towards your goals, you are hurting yourself! 


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