Major Changes Are Comin!!!!!!!

21 Dec

There are 2 weeks left in the year! It is also the holiday season with Christmas and New Years coming thru. I am starting the reflection of my year in the life. 2015 was successful for me. How was your 2015? Did you  get out of it what you wanted? Are you better than you were when the year started? Did you stumble and now are ready to work your way back? I had some stumbles this year and i had some great advancements! I gained a second career this year! I Am working in the entertainment industry!! I never thought it would really be possible and I am so glad it happened.



I had a couple of important life changing meetings recently!! I am so energized and ready to make changes in my organization.Hold on! Be ready! I have some big and bold things in store for 2016! I will be working more than I have in the past (and that’s saying a lot) to streamline and build my brand!

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One response to “Major Changes Are Comin!!!!!!!

  1. Isa Enocq

    December 21, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    I didnt get everything I wanted, but as long as my children are happy, that’s all that matters, IM not giving up on my dream 🙂 Im still hopeful to have that wish come true , im just being patient I guess, congratulations James for everything that happened to you ❤



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