M is for Maintenance

29 Jul

When you get organized, it feels great! When you get organized, you are not done! You have to MAINTAIN the organization.
The goal is to get organized AND while you are doing that, learning how to stay organized. Because you want to be able to keep the area (s) nice for as long as you can. For example, you organize your kitchen. Everything has a place and is orderly. The counter tops are cleared off and just the essential appliances like the toaster and coffeemaker are left on the counter. To MAINTAIN this look, you must always put everything you use BACK in its assigned spot. When you cook and use the counter, clean up after you are done. Don’t let things sit out. Not even for a day!
At first this may be difficult, but like anything else, with enough practice DOING it, it will become second nature. For some people, maintaining is sometimes the HARDEST part of the organizational process. You can get organized. Hire someone to get you organized. It looks great! But then its up to you to keep it that way. It can be done. YOU can do it!
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Posted by on July 29, 2015 in Organizing


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