What The True Definition of Observing IS…

22 Jun



Observation is NOT:

  • making assumptions
  • asking questions
  • imagining something else is going on
  • speculation
Observation IS:
  • looking
  • listening
  • making a systematic or scientific observation
What do you actually see? What did you actually hear? Observations aren’t judgments or labelling.
For example: You walk into a room and see a shelf with a lot of “stuff” on it. That’s an observation.
You walk into a room and see a cluttered shelf. That’s NOT an observation. It may be cluttered for YOU, but to someone else it is fine. THEY have to determine if its cluttered.
Another example: You hear your friend say, “I am hungry.” and you see them looking for food..THAT is an observation.
If you ask them, “Are you trying to trick me? You’re not really hungry.” that is NOT an observation.
You don’t “add” your feelings into an observation.
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