But I’m A Collector

15 Jun



I collect piggy banks and 2 dollar bills. That’s it! I used to collect magazines. That took up too much space and I had to get rid of them, My piggy banks are manageable and my 2 dollar bills are in ONE spot. I know so many people who say they are a collector and their “collections” are taking over their house. Unless you have space for everything and it’s not CLUTTERING your house, I invite you to take a good look at your stuff.

One suggestion is to bring your whole collections out onto on place to look at and assess. Can you successfully store your collections in a space? Are some collections done and not going to grow? Have you been collecting something for years but your hearts not in it? (Maybe its time to give away or sell the collection.) Are you really collecting or is that an excuse to just buy stuff?

That last question is something I encounter a lot in my practice. “I’m depressed, so I shop.” Or I have clients whose only “connection” to the stuff is superficial NOT passionate.  Sentimentality is another reason for collecting and/or keeping stuff. Second  hand collections! “It was my grandfathers. I haven’t had the heart to get rid of them.” Between Craigslist and EBAY and garage sales, there is a place to sell stuff and get it out of your house.

The point is to get it OUT of your house. I understand collecting. You just don’t want your collections to run you out of your house.

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