STOP Talking Yourself Out Of Stuff!!!

13 May


STOP talking yourself out of doing stuff!!!! That can apply to any area of your life. Since this is an Organizing and Life Coaching blog, I’m applying it to organizing or cleaning. Isn’t it easy to talk yourself out of something? Sometimes it can take only ONE word. Other times it s a sentence, or a phone call from a friend. “Lets go have drinks. Its a beautiful day out”, OK! Lets go. Meanwhile that small pile of clothes that is sitting on the floor next to the bed stays there.

TWO weeks later that pile of clothes has morphed into have the room filled with clothes everywhere. So the cost of talking yourself out of cleaning your room is time and energy. If you had picked up and put away the original small pile of clothes on the side of the bed, that would’ve probably took you 15 to 30 minutes. In it’s current state, you are looking at an hour or more. Not good, right?

STOP talking yourself out of stuff!!! Be aware when its happening or about to happen. If you have the time at the moment, then do it! As I’ve said in a previous blog, Talk Yourself Into Something!!


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