You Have A Right To Relax!

12 May


My aunt says you should learn how to DO Nothing well!  I like that! And since putting it into practice, I am finding it essential to my well-being!! I heard from people all the time that say that they don’t know how to relax.  Their mind keeps racing with things to do.  Or they feel guilty relaxing when that kitchen counter has been messy and cluttered for months. Shutting down every once in a while is good for our bodies. It’s good for our brains. Think of it this way. What if we NEVER turned off our cars? They stayed running all the time. Even while parked, you keep them on. What would happen? They would eventually run out of gas.  Our bodies and brains are similar.

Adjustment in thinking is very important too. For example my solution for the folks who can’t relax because the kitchen is cluttered, let it be cluttered  and go relax. After you relax, plan to make time to clean and declutter that kitchen. THEN DO IT!!! Guess what, the next time you relax, you won’t have a messy kitchen to think about it. You’ll have peace of mind….to relax. Make sense?

Relaxing is not being lazy. If you are working and busy, then you can relax. You have earned the right! True laziness is when you NEVER do anything or hardly do anything. Relaxing is simply relaxing. It’s taking time to recharge!! DO it!!!

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