I’m A Proud Small Business Owner!

05 May



This week is National Small Business Week! I am a proud owner of a small business!

Yes I would like to evolve into a big business. Of course that is the goal and I am working on many projects to build my empire. But by NO means am I sad, ashamed, or pissed that I am a small business. Being a small business means that I get to earn every client I get and see it grow. The satisfaction that I get at the end of year when I see that I’ve grown is happiness. I get to take my time and hone my skills, try new things out, drop a few things that aren’t working and really feel out the business. When you are smaller, you can make a few mistakes and correct them. You can smooth out the edges. And all eyes aren’t on you.

I love other small businesses. There is passion and drive that i feel from other owners. Pride permeates the conversations. For me its the hunger for more and bigger and better. On the flipside, I have met small business owners who rather stay small. They like the hands on, sometimes family atmosphere a small business can have.


I love being my own boss and I love what I am doing. I feel like i’m affecting chance in the world. I LOVE my clients! They are the best! I enjoy everyday that I go to work. I would like to take this time to salute all the other small business owners and their staffs!!! Its NOT easy and requires hard work, immense drive and long hours! Keep doing it! I’m with you!!!

And to everyone out there SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS!!!

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