Let’s Talk About Effective Labelling

29 Apr


I am a big fan of labels and labelling. When I am with my clients and we are organizing and putting things in bins, boxes, etc., we are also labelling them. You need to know whats in what , right? There is a simple art to labelling. The wrong labelling can make your search harder than when things weren’t organized! The correct labels can change your life for the better!

 So you have organized the kids room. The shelves have beautiful clear bins on them. They are waiting to be labelled. I have two easy rules and I’m going to share them with you:



  1. Label exactly whats in there.

    1. If inside the bin there are sets of cards and electronic games, them label it Card Sets and Electronic Games. Of course you want to keep the labels short and sweet but if you label it kid games or cards, you’re not getting the full picture and may forget to look in there for the electronic games.

  2. Label with words that you will most likely remember what is in there

    1. Don’t use fancy words or language that you will immediately forget as soon as you label the bin. Keep it simple.

    2. Use words you actually use. Use words that person actually uses. Sometimes its the difference between Kleenex and Tissue.

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