6 Totally Obvious Things About Disorganization!

21 Apr


Here are 6 totally obvious things about disorganization:

  1. Drawers are hard to open or close when overstuffed with items.

  2. Once you pass about 3 or 4 magazines to save to read, you will never read them and they will stack up high and take up space.

  3. Countertops, tabletops, desktops, TV trays are magnets for stuff.

  4. You should always empty full trashcans.

  5. The bed is for sleeping. It is not an extension of the closet.

  6. If your underwear is ripped, worn out and tattered, throw it out!

Those six things are so totally obvious. I am not saying anything new or relevatory. When you read those things, don’t they sound logical? Do any of you have any of these issues going on in your space? I invite you to think about why you have any of these issues and what is stopping you from change. The thought is to look at a situation two different ways. Step back and look at it logically. Then look at it emotionally. You will see the contrast. The hope is to shed some light and help you go in the organizing/cleaning direction.

How is living with any of those situations good for you?

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