Super Tip Tuesday- A Life Coach Can Be Useful

31 Mar


When I tell people what I do, they aren’t quite sure what that means. People hear Coach and it throws some people off.  I’m not teaching you how to live. You are living already. I like to say that i’m like other coaches in other fields. I am here to help you succeed in your field…in LIFE.  What I do is introduce ways for you to work on your stuff. I am trained and certified in techniques and phrases and words to help you unlock what is keeping you from getting to the next level in ANYTHING! I’m available, contact me at

My role as your Coach:

  1. Not to diagnose or treat anything.

  2. Not to solve your problems for you or do the work for you.

  3. Not to “fix” you.

  4. Not to give you legal or financial advice.

  5. Not to take responsibility for your actions or for you.

  6. To be non-judgmental

  7. To keep what we discuss confidential.

  8. Listen openly and be present in our conversations.

  9. Ask questions

  10. 10.Reflect/mirror back to you.

  11. 11.Hold you accountable to what you tell me you want.

  12. 12.Trust you to make your own decisions and advocate for your highest intentions.

  13. 13.Co-create with you the coaching process.

  14. 14.Tell the truth and be supportive

Your role as a Client:

  1. Tell the truth to me and to yourself

  2. Be present and engaged in the sessions

  3. Be willing to stretch yourself and open to new ideas and perspectives.

  4. Call or show up on time.

  5. Approach challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

  6. Let me know if something isn’t working for you.

  7. Let me know if I offend you.

  8. Let me know if im not on target with what you are saying.

  9. Co-create with me the coaching process.

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