If Not Now…When?

10 Mar


It takes work to get what you want! It requires you to do something. To be successful at completing something, you have to do it and work at it. This goes for small things as well as large ones. Last week I’ve decided that I wanted to do a web series. I have an idea that has been floating around in my head for a few years now. But NOW I decided it was time to bring it to fruition.That takes work!

It was fun and exciting coming up with the idea. It was easy to sit around and talk about what kind of show I wanted to do. It took very little effort to bring it up to friends and bounce ideas back and forth. I could imagine the finished product. How proud I would be of the finished product. All of the above didn’t take much of my energy at all! I can come up with concepts all day long! Daydreaming is fun!

But now I am in the middle of pre-production. There are so many different components to setting up and doing a web series. But I am determined to see it through and produce a finished product. THAT is the key….DETERMINATION. A larger key….SUSTAINED DETERMINATION! We’ve ALL been there where you are gung ho at first and then the drive wains and eventually you are at a stand still. Ive had a desk full of unfinished projects on my desk before. It doesn’t FEEL good. Now finding the determination to finish at least ONE project, made it all worth while. There is NOTHING like have something finished. Its even nice to complete something on a smaller scale. And if it brings you CLOSER to what you want, even better.

There are ALL kinds of paces. You don’t have to rush. ANY movement is good. Steady movement is great! Start today! Start right now!!! Don’t wait till tomorrow! But if you its tomorrow which is today, so start today!!! The real truth is that you will never accomplish anything by NOT doing anything!  Right?!

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