Super Tip Tuesday- 3 Ways To Look At Something

03 Mar


Today is 3-3, March 3rd.  So today I am offering 3 ways to look at a situation, any situation! Here we go:


  1. Look at it as a potential for growth. See the problem/situation as a chance to grow from it and because of it. Moving forward can come from the craziest and most traumatic circumstances. It can also come out of small things too.

  2. Look at it as a fear buster. Some situations bring out our fears. Baggage from the past can prevent us from dealing or handling things that are right in front of us. Moving through the fear is a powerful thing! Recently I pushed through a personal fear of mine and now I can’t STOP! Plus, once you move through the fear and get to the other side, you can help and inspire others to do the same.

  3. Really look at it! It’s good to step back and REALLY look at a situation. It’s easy to to dive right in and spin your wheels emotionally. Sometimes that method causes more problems. Sometimes you will end of working harder not smarter. It’s good to stop.Feel the emotions first. Then assess the situation. And believe that you can handle it. Calmer heads will always prevail.


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