Today’s Travel Tip

01 Mar


I travel a lott! Through trial and error I find ways to travel smarter not harder. Also I am always combing the interwebs for tips too.I am going to share one tip with you today:

If you are travel through many time zones, then you know jet lag. It is not fun. On the flight, avoid alcohol and salt. 


The Alcohol part is HARD for me, I need alcohol to survive the flight! HAHA! But they both dehydrate you which can affect your rhythms and sleep/awake part of the first part of your trip.


Here is a second tip if you can’t avoid alcohol or salt: Pre-adjust your clock to the reflect the time zone you are going to be in. Do it a few days before you leave for your trip and get up and go to bed at the times when you would go to bed there.

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