February 30th

27 Feb


This is the end of the shortest month of the year. I still don’t fully understand why it isn’t 30 or 31 days long. This weekend it will go from the 28th straight to the 1st! There will be some days missing in between! Oh we do get one extra day every 4 years (leap year). Immediately I think of folks born on the 29th. Do you celebrate on the 28th or on March 1st? Knowing how I am about birthdays, i’d probably celebrate BOTH days and demand it! LOL


I imagine of a February 30th. What would that day be like? It would give me an extra day to get stuff done. It would be a another day to have fun. It would add another day to the impending Tax day deadline! Black History Month wouldn’t be in the shortest month of the year! Ha!( But I guess then there wouldn’t be anymore leap year.) But for now I imagine it as a magical time and a magical place. Maybe i’ll write a story about it one day…

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