Super Tip Tuesday- Learning Should Never Stop!

17 Feb


The late Legendary Actress, Singer, Diva Eartha Kitt was so right when she said this! As I live longer AND pay attention to my surroundings and AND what is going on in MY life, I find that the learning never stops! Learning should never stop! At almost 46, I am learning things all the time. Big lessons, little things. I am learning different things in many areas of my life.

Right now I am about a month into practicing Yoga. I am learning about my body and its quirks. I am watching it change slowly as I practice more and more. I can hold certain poses longer than I did 3 weeks ago. My mind is shifting. I am able to center myself more, actually I am learning how to get back to center.

When I learned that its okay to NOT know everything. I used to think that each situation is JUST happening to me. Once I started to really LOOK, I found lessons in them. The results were astounding to me. I was able to learn from my issues and situations. Sometimes I can enter a situation at a place that is more helpful. I have an Aunt who is in her 70s and she STILL has goals and dreams. AND she still goes to school! She has many PHd’s now!  Amazing!

Stay open to the universe and remember that the learning goes on and on….

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