Music I Like To Organize To- “System” by Seal

28 Jan


Taking Madonna’s producer for 2005’s Number one dance album Confessions On The Dance Floor, Stuart Price, Seal released what I think is his most underrated album. System follows Madonna’s cue and is a full out dance/disco album! I LOVE IT! The songs work well together!


You can play the whole album, not a bad song in the bunch. Each song has a message, which is great in dance music which is branded as soulless. His soulful vocals lay on top and work through the beats.There is even a duet with his now ex wife Heidi Klum. It went gold (500,000 copies sold). Its an album I still play 8 years after it was released.  My favs are “Loaded”, “Dumb” and “The Right Life”. I suggest you all give it a chance.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Seal.

No. Title Music Length
1. “If It’s in My Mind, It’s on My Face” Seal, Eric Schermerhorn, Stuart Price 5:11
2. “Amazing” (Thin White Duke Edit) Seal 3:27
3. “Just Like Before” Seal, Schermerhorn, Price 4:42
4. “Loaded” Seal, Bill Bottrell, Price 5:20
5. “Wedding Day” (Duet with Heidi Klum) Seal, Schermerhorn, Price 3:57
6. “System” Seal, Schermerhorn 3:48
7. “Dumb” Seal, Christopher Bruce, Schermerhorn 4:12
8. The Right Life Seal, Price 5:09
9. “Rolling” Seal, Schermerhorn 4:30
10. “Immaculate” Seal 4:04
11. Amazing Seal 3:0


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