Music I Like To Organize To- 6 Songs I Like To Organize To

27 Jan

I’m going to share with you SIX songs that I like to play when I organize. Some of these songs you may have heard of, others are very obscure and weren’t “top 40′ hits. My musical taste is all over the place, as you will see. SO here you go:


1- “Setting Sun” by Darren Hayes. The former Savage Garden lead singer, put out several solo albums. This comes from an excellent DOUBLE album (2007’s This Delicate Thing We Made). The slightly distorted vocals, the pulsating drum beat, all of it works for me!

2- “What A Feeling”- “Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland. Fun dance song! Such happy lyrics! Ex-Destiny Child Member Kelly Rowland knows how to sing a dance song!!! It makes me want to clean and organize. Released in 2011.

3- “Bitchin”– The Donnas  It’s a short song. Most of it is instrumental. The vocals don’t come till nearly the end. It is heavy metal sounding girl power! The heavy drums and guitars drive me crazy…. and a good way!!!  This comes from the all girl groups last studio album of new material (2007). I put it on and i get in the mood to work.


4- “6 Underground”– Sneaker Pimps  90s Trip Hop at its best! Nearly 20 years later, I still love this song. Its slow and steady.

5Love Light”– Robbie Williams. I’m still bitter that Robbie didn’t make it bigger here in America. He has a great voice, charisma for days and great songs! This song off of 2006’s Rudebox CD is so good. His higher vocal, mid tempo but steady drum beat, and a great female vocal towards the end make this a great song to organize to.

6“Stare Into The Sun”– Graffiti 6. I caught them on a late night show once and fell in love with their music. This song has a higher male vocal and pop/dance beat. This soulful 2012 song comes from this English Duo’s debut CD, “Colours”.


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2 responses to “Music I Like To Organize To- 6 Songs I Like To Organize To

  1. Organizational Specialist

    January 27, 2015 at 12:35 PM

    Love this post! Some of my organizing tunes include “Another one bites the dust” by Queen, “Move This” by Technotronic, and “Don’t Stop till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson.

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