A Time Management Tip for Parents

23 Jan


Getting kids up in the morning can be a chore. Waking up yourself can be trying. After getting up, you can feel the sand in the proverbial hourglass running out! So much to accomplish before you all walk out the door. I’ve had times when I felt like I couldn’t get it all together. Kids are unpredictable and problematic. You want to actually look good when you walk into the office. I am going to suggest something that I have tried myself!

Have everyone Shower/Bath in the evening. 

Before bedtime have each child take a shower or bath. You will gain time in the morning! In the morning you may just have to wet hair to style it and wash your face. Personally I like to take baths at night (and have written about it). It relaxes me. Give e a glass a wine and a bubble bath, I’m good to go.


The ultimate goal is to have a smooth morning. The immediate goal is to have a morning that can run smoother. You want to add more time to devote to the kids and getting yourself ready. Maybe the extra 10 to 20 minutes you get from this, you can sleep a little longer, meditate, who knows! The possibilities are plentiful!!

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