Super Organizer Thursday-The Day That Changed The Direction Of My Life!

15 Jan


SEVEN Christmases ago, I made the decision to change my whole life! I made the decision to make a better life for myself, a truer life for myself. I was unhappy at work. I was over the city I had lived in for 16 years. I was tired of the concrete jungle living. And the weather bugged the crap out of me! A chance phone call and an opportunity led me to make the decision to change the direction of my life…at the age of 39!


Six years ago TODAY, I packed everything up and left San Francisco and drove down to my new home of Los Angeles. Well actually it was my old home. I was born and raised in LA and left at 18. 22 years later I was returning!  I didn’t really have a plan! (I don’t recommend this for everyone! LOL) I was nervous yet excited. I have a place to live and a little bit of savings. I had ONE gig booked doing background acting on a TV show. That’s it!

Six years ago TOMORROW, I arrived in Los Angeles to my new/old home. I loaded the van and sat in my house and exhaled…..


It felt good to follow my heart and not wallow in self-pity. It feels good to know that my belief that everything was going to work out was true and real. The last six years have been a voyage of self discovery. The universe opened up to me the day I arrived in LA. Anything is/was possible. I am sooooo glad that I made that decision seven Christmases ago. I invite each of you to look at where you are currently in your life.

Are you where you want to be? Is your heart in your job? Do you like your life today? What are some of the things you would like to do? 

January 16th, 2009 is the day that changed the direction of my life!

I am so happy!!!

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