You Don’t Have To Throw Out Everything!

14 Jan


When I tell people that I am a Professional Organizer, one of the top 3 comments/questions I get is related to being forced to throwing stuff out! ME and many other organizers don’t believe in the “just throw it all out” mentality. I know that doesn’t resolve the issue. Being organized is much bigger and broader than that!

Also trying to change yourself into someone that is not NATURALLY you, it bad also. I want you to be YOU! I want you to be a more organized you! When seeking out a Professional Organizer, you CAN ask questions. You can look at their websites. You want to find out if their style fits with what you want. You will be working together to create a good life of organization.

Its all about finding what will work for you and your space. Sometimes it’s a matter of creating a space that is well organized and utilized. Finding a place for things may be the answer. Its all up to you! Most times its about taking the life you have now and streamlining it! A better life is just a few steps away!!!

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Posted by on January 14, 2015 in Organizing


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