Bye Felicia to VH1’s Bye Felicia!

12 Jan


I am a Certified Life Coach. My brother told me about a new show featuring Life Coaches. I don’t think he saw it yet. He thought of me. I was excited and set my DVR to record the first episode. The show is by VH1 and is called Bye Felicia. (Bye Felicia is a popular phrase used for not caring about something or someone. It was first introduced years ago in the movie Friday.) Its an 8 episode series this winter.


I love being a Life Coach. I love watching other life coaches at work. We range in technique and style and personality. Life Coaches can really  facilitate the opening of change. We assist people or businesses in finding the path of success. It can be an amazing experience for both client and coach. You work together to create a new beginning. I was excited of the prospect of watching a show that would showcase that.

The first episode is recorded. I sit down and watch the hour-long show. Just from the first 3 minutes, I was already done. It follows two Atlanta Black Female Life Coaches who are in Los Angeles. The stereotypical, over the top Sassy Black women with a bunch of catchphrases turned ME off. It just seems like its VERY “reality” TV  and it fits right in with many of the “makeover” shows out there. I didn’t find it useful or helpful. And the problem with a lot of these shows is that the Life Coach’s “personality” is the star. It is the opposite of shows like Intervention or Hoarders where the client is the focus and the expert is showcased simply doing their job. Yes they have personalities but they don’t overshadow the show the way these two women do on Bye Felicia.

I watched one more episode to give it chance and it’s not for ME! I won’t be watching anymore! I just want people out there to know there are some amazing Life Coaches out there doing wonderful, life changing work!  Yes, i know writing about this gives the show more attention but I felt the need to say something. I don’t get very many shows featuring Life Coaches. And I will continue looking but until I find one that I like……Bye Felicia!



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