Do I Have To Buy Something That I Know I Have But Can’t Find?!

05 Jan

messy room

Back in December I had you ask yourself 11 Questions about your cluttered space and told you that we would go through each one. I’m not going in exact order of the list. I first discussed the issue of constantly clearing spaces for people to sit down when they come over. If that was you, I hope you took a look at that and tried the tips I suggested. Now we are going to talk about buying stuff cuz you don’t know or can’t find it in your house!

This is especially timely because we just had the holiday season. Clutter is at an all time high during this time. The gift giving leads to a lot more stuff in your space. Also this subject really does directly affect your finances! The cause and effect are both immediate and long-term. So you don’t remember or can’t find the heating pad. Your back in hurting. That heating pad was 20 bucks. Where is it??!  Your back hurts so much and you know that heating pad will alleviate the pain. You decide to go to the store and buy another one. Now you have 2 of them and you’ve spent 40 dollars total. If you house was organized, then you would know where the heating pad is and a trip to the store would not be necessary. Plus you have 20 dollars for something else.

Being organized is: Everything in its place. Saves time. Saves energy. Saves money. 

Also it can be dangerous or life threatening. You could be in the middle of an emergency situation that not being able to find that medicine could hurt you or a loved one. The light bulb goes out; the batteries die in the tv remote; its cold outside and can’t find the gloves… all examples of items that should have place in your home where you can find them easily. They are also items that are very common and needed.


Think about how much time it takes for you to look for something. 

Think about how many times you ended up frustrated because you know its in there..somewhere.

How many times have you seen an item ten times when you didn’t need it but suddenly is nowhere to be found when you DO need it?

How much money are you spending on replace items because you can’t find it?

Its time to get organized!

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