Say No To New Years Resolutions!

23 Dec


It’s that time of year. I’m starting to get asked “what is your New Years resolution?” I hate that question. Actually hate is a strong word. I dislike that question. I dislike that question as much as I dislike the word diet. That word and the question about resolutions put a bad taste in mouth and I have taken them out of my vocabulary. They usually go hand and hand, so it’s easy for me to do that. I have another approach to the New Year.

The connotations with New Years resolutions and diet are negative. For me that represent the set up to fail. Talk to some of your friends in February or March. Are they still as dedicated as they were on Jan 1st or 2nd? The expectations seem so high when you mention those words! So much to live up too. For some people it works. Jan 1st seems like a nice tangible place to start. I’d like to think that everyday has the potential of being New Years Day!

My approach is less strict and demanding. I have goals and dreams all the time. I have them year round. Sometimes they change. On January 1st I enjoy January 1st. But sometime either at the end of the year or in January, I think of things that I would like to have happen I the coming year. Instead of dieting, I say that I would like to eat healthier this year. Take the pressure off yourself to lose weight. Obviously eating healthier will help you lose weight. The bit by bit start to eat healthier. Don’t try to do it all at once. Don’t put a timeline on yourself. Just start little by little. Choose a healthy breakfast once a week. Start taking a walk around the block after dinner a few times a week. Start small if you need to. It’s okay. It’s not a race.

I have a white board that I write down a few things I want. I leave it up for me to see. It may be just a word, or a phrase, or a picture. It’s there. And at some point In the year, I will work on it. I don’t look at it as resolutions. I’m not resolving anything. I’m moving forward. Where I was was where I was. It was where I needed to be at that given time. Now I’m choosing to move forward and onto another phase of my life.

Take the pressure off yourself! Jan 1st is just a day in many. Everyday is a chance for you to work on things and achieve whatever you want.


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