Super Organizer Friday- Happy Anniversary to ME!

19 Dec

Talk Yourself Into Something!

I LOVE what I do!!! I have found my passion! Almost 6 years ago, I entered the world of Professional Organizing. I got a few clients through my mom and off of Craigslist. I am grateful to those first clients! They made my dream into a reality. The Super Organizer was born!They showed me that I could do this. AND that I could make money from it! 4 years ago today, I became a Tax-ID’d Limited Liability Corporation!


These last 4 years have been great, hard, stressful and educational. I’ve gone back to school, added skills (i.e.. Life Coaching), changed and dropped some services, gained lotts of clients, and grown as person in general. This year I started two blogs( this one and that have been rewarding and successful! I have clients in several cities in California. I have clients in several states! I’m still learning and evolving. I love how VAST this business is and I have so much I want to learn.

I also feel like I’m contributing something substantial to the world. Finally I’m doing work that makes a difference. I enjoy the process. I love my clients. I learn from them everyday.So today as I celebrate my 4th Anniversary, I want to remember all the jobs and experiences I had prior to this and thank them! It all led me to working my passion!


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