Stop Saying Things Like, I Don’t….

18 Dec


Stop! Stop it right now! Stop doing it!!!

I Don’t do poetry. I was never into poetry growing up… or so I thought. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember but it was stories. Poetry was a different animal to me. My fondness for some poetry came in my early 20s. There were a few writers who would write about things I could relate to.  In my thirties I had a realization that gave me that “a-ha” moment.

Rap music came into focus in mid teen years. I liked it. Much of those early songs were forms of poetry. If you took away the music, the lyrics were very poetic. I am a big fan of the late Gil Scot Heron. He was an excellent spoken word artist/activist! Many of his songs changed my life and ways that I’m still feeling the effects, especially with my own art. One of my favorite pop/rock artists Stevie Nicks writes beautiful songs that stand the test of time. They are bits of poetry too.  I started to KNOW that I am INTO poetry! Poetry of many types.

The first time I went to the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café in Lower Manhattan, I was memorized and moved by the artists on stage. Their words were poetry in motion.  I eagerly watch spoken word artists when they come on TV.  I have read some fantastic works by talented poets. All of this has led to me interest in writing my own poetry. Also a new relationship has inspired me to write how I feel in a way that is different from I normally write.


The point? By me saying I Don’t without really giving it a thought, is not good. How many times do we say I Don’t about something you’ve never tried? or done? How many times have you said I Don’t because you were afraid? Afraid to attempt something? I don’t is a cousin to I Can’t!

I Can’t paint. I used to say that too! I said that without really painting. I based it on a few drawing classes in elementary school. I based it on seeing other people’s work and thinking mine would be far less superior so why bother! How many times have you said Why Bother? I believe each of you gets the point. By the way, Now I paint and I LOVE IT!


The power of language is so strong! It can affect how We act! Be mindful of what you say and maybe cut out a few words and phrases from your vocabulary!


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