Procrastination Is No Joke!

17 Dec



Procrastination is no joke! It can be very unfunny!

Procrastinating is sooooo easy! If you are busy and have a full life, it is easy to say that you are tired and you will do it later. You see the particular issue in front of you but you “feel” that it’s not really bothering your life, You will put it out until “one day.” The main problem with procrastinating is that chances are tomorrow or “later” will come and go. Doing something requires doing something!

Procrastination is so sly. It doesn’t have to happen in the context of something big. It’s the small things that you have to watch out for. Not picking up that one piece of paper on the table in the dining room seems tiny. It s a piece of paper. You’ll pick it up one day. A week goes by and more pieces of paper seem to magically appear on the table. You see it and you still think it’s no big deal. “On Friday, I’ll clear off the table.” Friday comes and goes, then its Monday morning and those few papers have turned into a bona fide stack!  You see where I’m going with this, right?

Thomas Jefferson Quote

Even I procrastinate on occasion! Sounds crazy, right?! I don’t procrastinate very often. I have worked hard that I have systems and place. I have behaviors that I have developed. But there are times when I am REALLY busy a few things get left for later. I’m a small business entrepreneur and I come home from a long day and I have to do EVERYTHING myself. There have been a few times where I don’t keep up with emails as frequently. I’ll say, “If its important they will call me.” SO I wont check my emails that day. The next day, it never fails, there will be an IMPORTANT email! Dang it!

When putting off till later, you have to realize that you ARE hurting yourself. You want to be the best you and live the best life you can! You need to NOT procrastinate and take of business now! Become proactive not reactionary! I hate having to take care of something AT THE LAST MINUTE! Its stressful! I don’t like having to tackle BIG PROJECTS! So why not take care of things when it just “A spark”!


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