Am I Constantly Clearing Spaces For People To Sit Down?

15 Dec


Time to talk about another thing from the 11 Questions List. Am I constantly clearing spaces for people to sit down?

Think about it. When you are looking for a place to live several of the requirements (usually) are a place for a bed and a place for a couch/sofa or at least chairs. You move in and set up your place and its so nice. Everything is in its place. Of course there is leeway for everyday living but suddenly (it seems) you can’t the couch and the chairs are behind stuff. You find yourself adjusting. You sit at the edge of the couch. You sit on the floor. You move around the piles of papers and books so you can sit down. You can’t eat at the dining room table anymore. you eat on your lap in your bedroom or a TV tray in the living room. If ANY of this sounds familiar to you or someone you know, then there is a problem.

Some steps to recovery (the short version):

First decide that you want to change and get organized

Call a Professional Organizer (like myself) to get you organized.

Call a Life Coach (like myself) to help you find a path to success.

Read though this blog (and others like this) for tips and suggestions.

Make a commitment to yourself to start.



Pick a spot/room/place and start in there. One way to start is go through the space and take everything that doesn’t belong in that room, take it to the room it belongs in. Then get everything out that is trash. That is broken items, old (nasty) stuff, and actual trash. Everything leftover should be things that belong in that space.

Is it still too much? Is there anything you could part with and give away? Maybe someone else could use it. Donation is great too. There are many less fortunate.

The point it that you do little by little and eventually you have that couch back and those chairs to sit in again.  And less work for yourself when guests come over.Overall the number one thing is to want to change and get organized and then do something about it!






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