How Many Junk Drawers Do You Have?

12 Dec


Last week I had you ask yourself 11 questions  about your cluttered house. And I said that we will go through each of the questions to help you along. Today’s question we are tackling is: How many junk drawers do I have?

I allow for ONE junk drawer which I have talked about before. Its Christmas time so I’ll be generous and give you TWO junk drawers. I have one in the kitchen AND one in my bedroom. See junk drawers are tricky. You don’t want EVERY drawer to look like a junk drawer. You want order and organization. If you have drawers that are hard to close or open because they are stuff full of stuff?! There is a problem!  Take every out of the drawers and group like things together. Also take the things that belong in other places and put them where they belong. That random spoon, put it in the kitchen. Tape measure! Put it back in the toolbox in the garage. Soy sauce packets…you get the idea.
Chances are when you do all of that, your drawers will become neater and more organized. 


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One response to “How Many Junk Drawers Do You Have?

  1. theothercroft

    December 21, 2014 at 10:52 AM

    I’m a fan of drawer organisers! There’s nothing worse than all your stuff sliding around and getting mixed up in drawers.



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