Super Tip Tuesday- Find Your Hot Spot

09 Dec

Hot Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Spots! Every home, office and space has one (or several). Do you have a hot spot? What is a hot spot? A hot spot is an area that starts out a little messy then eventually takes over your whole space. It may be the couch. Then the stuff on the couch fills up the couch and the end table next to it becomes covered with stuff. After that, you bring in two TV trays and put them in front of the couch, and those get filled with stuff, and so on and so on.


Clutter loves clutter. It can multiply before you realize it! So first identify YOUR HOT SPOT (S)! After you’ve found your hot spot, vow to NOT put anything more there! Okay, now you are ready to work on getting that HOT SPOT down to nothing. Take 5 minutes out of your day. It can be in the morning or in the evening. Get a timer or use the stopwatch on your phone or time it from the wall clock! Take 5 minutes and put away as much as you can within that time. After doing this consistently everyday, you will clear out the spot! And since you vowed to NOT put anything in there, nothing is being added to the clutter. Your hot spot will be flamed out!


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