Is Your Car A Mess?

28 Nov


After living in San Francisco for 16 years, I moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles. The ONE thing I was immediately struck with is the need of a car! Also how big the car culture is in everyday life in LA.

In San Francisco you don’t necessarily need to have a car! It is an option. Why? Because of the excellent transportation systems they have in place there. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is the subway system. MUNI (SF Municipal Transportation Agency)  is the above (buses) and below ground (subway) system. The famous Cable Cars also provide transportation! AND you can walk too. I rode one or more of these to and from work everyday. I took them to parties and when I went out to dinner or the clubs. There was no need for a car for me.

Being back in LA, I was reminded how much people LIVE in their cars! I don’t mean that in a homeless way. People store much of their lives IN their cars. I have friends who’s trunks and back seat look like an open suitcase or mini closet. My parents keep extra blankets and water and jackets in their trunk. Sometimes there is barely room for the groceries they buy. It really got me

In my organizing practice I sometimes get to run errands with my clients in their cars. What kind of car you get is directly proportional to your lifestyle. Car space and more importantly trunk space become valuable property. My niece who is a new mother, NEEDS a big trunk to carry the diaper bag, stroller, and any other items she might need. One of my clients is in sales. He drives around all day in his car seeing clients. His back seat and trunk is filled with contracts and booklets and papers as well as a second change of clothes and gym bag, etc. All of this is to say that I have seen increase of car organization in my business. I never thought of that when I started and now it’s part of my reality.

In future blogs I will share with you tips on keeping your car/second home neat and organized! If you have a car, may you relate and find these posts useful.

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