Two Things To Leave Off A Resume!

10 Nov


What to put on a resume has changed over the years. Nowadays it is suggested to not start a resume off with an objective. Also if you are of a certain age (I’m 45), it is okay to leave off High School when listing your education. Here are three more things to leave off a resume:

1.  Age–  References to your age, including graduation dates and an employment history that extends beyond fifteen to twenty years, allow the individual reviewing your resume to establish a clear sense of your age (at least to the extent of calculating a minimum age). Don’t actually list your age.  While age discrimination is illegal, most employers view more youthful applicants as being more desirable for a variety of reasons.  Don’t give the prospective employer the opportunity to use your age against you.

2.  Gaps in employment– unemployment happens. Gaps happen too. The job market is tough these days. But employment gaps look bad to most employers, no matter what the reason. If your resume displays significant gaps between previous jobs, then your marketability and potential value come into question.  Either you are taking extended vacations between jobs or are having difficulties in finding new opportunities.  Neither of these scenarios enhances your image as a job candidate.  So on your resume, you may want to consider eliminating the months and using only the year dates.


You want to draw the RIGHT attention to your resume! You don’t want anything on paper that might not get you to the next level.


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