Super Tip Thursday- Take Negative Words Out Of Your Sentences

30 Oct

I used to always say, “I hate change!” That was until my friend Tarah corrected me one day. She said , ” Everything you do in your life makes change happen for you and you are better for it. So stop saying you hate change!”

I stopped dead in my tracks! She was right. If I hated change, then I wouldn’t do anything to make change happen in my life. We continued to talk and she pointed out that it was just language habits that I had. I’ve been used to saying that phrase for years. That got me thinking about what other words do I use frequently that are negative that really don’t and shouldn’t apply.

Over the last few years I have been working on changing my language. No not my actual language. I still speak English ( and some Spanish). I’ve started to take out and avoid using words and/or phrases that undermine me. There is a big difference between occasional self deprecation, which can be used to comical effect sometimes, and constant negativity. I try not to say , ” I hate….” Or ” I can’t” especially before I try something.

I have found that taking negativity out of your sentences CAN make for a more positive outlook and productive life. I invite you to think about some of the words or phrases you say that you may or may not realize are holding you back from something or someone.

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