7 Questions Frequently Asked of The Super Organizer, James Lott, Jr.

29 Oct

Talk Yourself Into Something!

Are you OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?  No! I’m not! And I don’t think you need to have OCD to be organized or as I say Super Organized. They don’t go hand in hand for me. I like things in order but it’s not an obsession. My home office and closet and bedroom are messy or unorganized at times. I don’t like it and I don’t let it stay that way for long but I’m okay with it when it happens.

When you go to a friend’s house and its messy, do you have to fight the urge to clean/organize? To be quite frank…no. Organizing is MY job. Yes it is my passion and MY way of life, but if I am at a friend’s house to visit, I turn it off.  I don’t want to work when I’m relaxing or visiting. It’s not my place to judge. Yes I have eyes! I can see the problems! But I have taught myself to suppress the urge to say something. Now if during the conversation, the messy house comes up, then I might say something. Sometimes working with or for friends is NOT a good idea. I like working with complete strangers more.

Do you ever refuse to go in someone’s home? Yes! I do get claustrophobic in certain situations and there have been places I just CAN’T go in. AND there have been instances that I have gone into someones house and had to leave (and never return). My safety, health and general well-being come first. I will not compromise.

You’re a Professional Organizer? What is that, do you organize events? Many people don’t know what a Professional Organizer is. When people here the word Organizer, they immediately go to events and meetings. Totally understandable. While I do some of that, I’m not in the event planning business anymore. I usually start off by saying something like, ” Have you heard of the TV show Hoarders?”

What is the first thing most people say when you tell them you are an Organizer and what you do? Most of the time it is either: “I Know someone who could use you.” or ” I totally could use you.” That’s when I pull out a business card. Fortunately I’m the kind of business that does not discriminate. Disorganization crosses age, gender and race!


What is your favorite room to organize? I like Kitchens. Like the bathroom, its one of the rooms most frequented.  I love to cook, so making a kitchen clean, organized and functional makes me smile harder than any other room in the house. (Bathrooms are second.)

Where did you come up with the name, The Super Organizer? I wanted a name that would stand out! I wanted what I did for a living to be reflected in the name. When you read it or say it, most likely you get that I organize..something. The “Super” part is because I do a SUPER job!




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