Quick Saturday Tip-Simply Don’t Do It!

25 Oct


Sometimes in life there are simple answers to some of the many questions out there. WE can add all of the reasons why we do certain things. Yes there are patterns that are hard to break and habits that form easily and set in. In my practice and on this blog I talk about steps and ways to break the cycles and move forward in changing behaviors. I believe for long-term success you need to understand WHY you do things. But sometimes the answer is an easy one that needs no elaborate explanation. Simply Don’t Do it!

For example,  your sofa has clothes piled on one side of it and you can barely sit on it. The answer– when you come home and take off your jacket, don’t throw it on the couch. Take the extra steps and throw it on the bed in your bedroom! You’re tired of your sofa being cluttered with those clothes, then don’t throw anything on it. Simply Don’t Do it!

But you ask, what about the clothes now on the bed? Well first we handled the couch/sofa issue so that’s a great start! Everything in steps. Once again you can apply the same thought to this as you did in the living room. You come home and take off your jacket, don’t throw it on the bed….hang it up in the closet or get a coat rack and hang it on there. You get the idea. The path you want to create for yourself is one to greatness and uncluttered behavior. Sometimes the way to get there is to Simply NOT Do it!

Simply Don’t DO it.

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