Love It- Collapsible Laundry Basket!

24 Oct

Collapsible-Laundry-Basket (1) is at it again! I HAD to share another product from them. Its a Collapsible Laundry Basket! Its a great space saver!I think its ideal for people who live in apartments and don’t have washer and dryer in their place. There is a place for detregent and fabric softener sheet. Easy to take up and down to the laundry room. And after you are done, you dont have to try to find ANOTHER spot in your small place to put it.

NOW I’m sure the first thing many of you will say is, “Laundry is NEVER done in my house.” But many of us have laundry hampers AND those big bulky plastic laundry baskets.This helps in replacing ONE of those things. Any reduction of clutter and stuff is good, right?

Quirky has a lot of great products. I featured two of them in an earlier blog.


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