Super Organizer Monday- What Do I Do?

06 Oct



When I meet new people, one of the natural questions is, “What do you do for a living?” Of course I tell them that im a Professional Organizer and Life Coach. But after reading my brothers recent blog post The Cost Of Blogging, I think I need to add another title, Blogger.

I started blogging 10 months (January of this year). My year as a Blogger is coming up fast. I don’t know where the time has gone. I blog full-time. I usually produce a blog post a day (there have been exceptions). I write for two blogs. this one and The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips. Its work to write blogs. It takes time and energy. I LOVE it and enjoy it so much. AND I do tell folks that I have a blog but usually as a secondary thing.

Like my brother over at, I don’t get paid to write these blogs. My blogs don’t make money. Well they kind As a result of this blog, I have gotten jobs. I’ve gotten ask to collaborate on projects. I’ve entered the orbit of people and companies that I might not have without this blog. My Twitter and Facebook followers have increased, which has resulted in jobs and job offers. SO I am making money…off of this blog.


I guess I looked at it as part of my job. It was one of my duties under the umbrella of The Super Organizer. I didn’t see it as equal to my other two professions. I know that many blogs make money from ad space and since I am not doing that (yet), I didn’t add Blogger to my title. Blogging is a huge industry! Bloggers are affecting change in the world. Bloggers are part of many aspects of our everyday life from e-commerce to movie promotion to self-help. Blogs are as important as websites. Web presence can make you money. AND it IS making me money.

So from now on when someone asks what I do for a living I’m going to say, I’m a Professional Organizer, Life Coach and Blogger.

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