Quick Tip Saturday- Kitchen Organization

27 Sep


There are many ways to organize a kitchen, but here is one way:
If you have another room you can put stuff in ( a dining room table is good, or put down a sheet to place items on), then take everything out of the cabinets and place in the other room. Put like minded things together. All food in one place, all cups in one place, all glasses in another, etc.. As you are doing it, look at the food items expiration dates. If the food item is expired, then throw out immediately (have large, heavy trash bags handy). If a glass is broke or cracked, throw it out. If you don’t have a full set of dishes, set aside to give away.


Once you got everything out, you can see WHAT you have and how it will fit back in to your space. AND it will be easier for you to look at your kitchen space and decide how you want the cabinets to be filled. My recommendation, all food and spices in one area and easy to get to. And all glasses and plates in one area and easy to get to. And all pots and pans in one spot. I would do food higher and pots and pans lower. Glasses and plates eye level.

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