3 Ways To Make More Room In Your Closet

24 Sep
Do you have a hard time fitting your newly bought clothes in your closet? 
Maybe its time to thin out.
One suggestion is to go through and take out the old clothes and/or clothes you don’t wear anymore. That is probably the most obvious but sometimes we forget what’s in there. Even I have discovered jackets or shirts in the BACK of the closet that I hung up and forgot about. Then there are those of us who either lose or gain weight and we haven’t gotten to the closet yet and gone through the old clothes.
There might be things that could be folded instead of hung. Take those out. I’m a fan of NOT hanging sweaters. I feel it stretches out and ruins the shape. (Though I do know people who will fold a sweater in half and drape it over the hanger.) My point is that you may have more room elsewhere (dresser drawers, armoires) where other things can go, which in turn makes more room in the closet.
Then there is the thing that I am guilty of sometimes, putting other non clothes items in the closet. Get those things out of there and to their appropriate places. Toys, luggage, papers. Get them out of there and you’ll have more room.
We go shopping. We get gifts for our birthday or at Christmas. You want to have a place to put them when they enter your space.
The overall plan is to have a less than full closet so that when you do need to hang something up, it will be easier…and organized.
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