When Did That Expire?!

15 Sep

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I am a BIG stickler for expiration dates!! I’m kinda OCD about it! Of course I don’t suggest any of you become that way but I urge you to check the dates on everything in your home.
Many medicines lose their potency after their expiration date. So no they wont kill you if you take them, but you wont get the desired effect you need.

Sunscreens and other creams should be thrown out after two years.

Some say Perfumes and colognes should be discarded after 3 years. I’m NOT sure if i agree. I have found some to last a long time smelling good. You be the judge.

Food items are the most obvious. You can usually look or smell if they are bad. Fruits, breads, dairy are the easiest to spot.  Boxed and bagged stuff are a little easier too. You can taste stale! Canned goods are a little more difficult. I personally don’t mind if they are a few months past. Some say they are just suggested dates. Again I’m OCD about it. But if something expired in early 2013, I’m throwing it out!

Also when you go to discount stores or “corner” stores, do look at the expiry dates. Sometimes items are just left there by accident or default.
Just be aware of what you have in your home. Anytime you ingest anything, you want to be safe!

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