Super Tip Saturday- 5 Personality Types In The World of Organizing

13 Sep


Many people have a lot of stuff! As an organizer, I see this all the time. The reasons why are not the same for everyone. But I have noticed similarities and have come to the conclusion that there are at least five types of personalities I encounter in my clientele.

  1. The Messy One- does not put anything away. Can’t be bothered. Also known as the slob.
  2. The Concealer- keeps everything hidden. Stuffs things away and out of sight.
  3. The Procrastinator- wants organization but puts it off. Hard time starting things.  Sometimes will put things off to the last minute to take any action.
  4. The Showcaser- they need to see everything. Hates to put away anything. IN some cases all walls and shelves are completely filled with stuff.
  5. Hoarder/Pack Rat- Some will say a pack rat isnt a hoarder. I disagree! Its the same. They keep everything and finds it difficult to let things go. TO me they are the MOST extreme.

 Do you or someone you know fall into any of these categories?

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